I am looking for Photographers, Models & Cyclists..

More Samples of More Ideas.. examples as inspiration and education

The content of WetPedals aims to exhibit the sexiness of cycling in all it’s various forms and aspects from basic twonie bikes to cutting edge Time Trial or Downhill gear.. all juxstaposed in photographic manner with gorgeous models.. for entertainment and enjoyment!

As we’re in “beta” phase right now.. I need you to volunteer to shoot locally. Collaborate with local talent and bike shops to promote the concept and develop an outreach network.. if you want, models & cycling elements can be sourced for you or you can put the shoot(s) together yourself. Us the “application” as an expression of interest to participate.

I need you to pose clothed & unclothed with bicycles & cycling stuff for some super cool articles that will be posted here. You don’t have to be local to me.. you don’t have to have a photographer already.. I’ll do any and all footwork needed to make the session(s) take place. I just ask that you arrive on time and ready to collaborate to make some incredible images for this website.

The World Tour
Lets show the world how awesome and sexy cycling is.. and for the volunteers, you’ll have a chance to ‘Go With‘ one way or another.. you’ll either fly ahead and have some “down time” at a super cool destination before I get there OR you’ll get passage on a cool ship that’ll *sort of* follow me.. lead me astray.. always be within a short(ish) distance from me in case of emergency.. some people will be invited to go on the entire journey- around the world as the plan is- and some will be invited for specific sections or events. But- this is only available to volunteers. So, let’s get shooting!