Hey there.. are you a photographer?? Well, then.. I’m looking for YOU!

Sampledy Sample.. examples for education and inspiration

My name is M. Scott Ault and I’m going to go around the world in a Pedal Powered Boat.. and I need your help!

WetPedals is a edutaining membership based  webzine containing pictorials, articles.. and more.. all based around cycling. The site is “Membership- Sponsorshipa portion of every membership payment will be used to help Ocean Cyclist grow towards and move through the full global circumnavigation. Your photography will help.” for OceanCyclist.. that crazy global adventure that I’m going on and my job will be to pedal day in and day out from Vancouver, BC to… Vancouver BC.. and throughout it all to promote Cycling as the Assist for Sustainable Living.

I need you to do some of the shooting for me.

Right now, this is a volunteer position but honoraria will be paid out at the end of each year to you and the models directly.. and as the project grows.. the size of the Honroraria will grow as well.  Who knows.. you might even be invited to join the journey (not in my boat.. no way no how- that thing is gonna be too small for one let alone bring anyone else along in it) for a portion of the trip.