World Tour

Samples from me, M. Scott Ault…

Wanna go around the world ???

I am going to be leaving shortly on an “Around the World” trip and tour.. I’ll be in a super small pedal powered boat so it’s not going to be a quick trip.. but it will be fun. And, I’m already networking with awesome people for exhibitions, shoot outs, and more

Part of the reason I’m  launching this website is.. a form of fund raising/ funding the circumnavigation! So..

Want to model in some awesome and remote locations like Bikini Island (wearing a little less than a bikini) or the Seychelles.. how about Egypt? All possible.. 

Check Here –>> Global Pedal Powered Circumnavigation. <<– for more info.

And then just let me know you are interested. The details have to be worked out.. but with your book underway this spring/ summer.. I’m certain a lot of growth will be taking place!