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Sample Images Only.. showing potential for super awesome sessions.. Your Bike(s) with Our Model(s)… and at super exotic location(s) around the world.. all around the world.

    How would YOU like to have oneor ALL of your bikes.. it’d be super awesome to shoot a FEATURE of your work.. which would include interviews with you and more.. of your bikes photographed with one of our super gorgeous, super sexy MODELS in a cool, creative, and entertaining location? Possibly a location that NO OTHER bike company could arrange.. set up.. put together!

    With a January 2024 launch, we have a few months to shoot some awesome content.. here in Calgary or remotely through associated photographersGermany, Netherlands, UK, and US based presently. But we gotta get on it.. now.

This WebZine is allocating nearly 100% of it’s profits to fund the environmental outreach and cycle- positive project Ocean Cyclist.
    Your donated bike(s) will be used for the good of Project Outreach, Audience Growth, and financial support through Membership Payments.. ensuring that I, M. Scott Ault, finish the BUILD of my pedal powered boat and fully circumnavigate the globe by Pedal Power!

AI examples.. to be replaced shortly with photos of YOUR bikes

Where are some upcoming Locations?
    Kelowna.. Vancouver.. Toronto.. Yellowknife.. with Boat2 being *nearly* completed I’ll be taking her to Kelowna for some long-ish distance trials on Okanagan LakeLeaving from the Norhtern Most point of the lake in Vernon, I’ll pilot Boat2 through to Penticton.. a distance of 110Km.. and I might go all the way south on Skaha Lake to Okanagan Falls for a trip distance of 130Km, one way.. and *then* heading to Vancouver for some untethered testing along the Georgia Straight..  two communities that I have individuals already interested in posing with cool bikes.. posing to help my project Get Funding. 

    In the new year, I’ll be in Toronto for a whole week with my “day job..” my hand-crafting company~ The General Bean~ how about a cool shoot in Grafitti Alley.. or along the lakeshore? Or in a cool old studio setting… Models are In Place.. Studios are prepped for use.. and we’re geared up for indoor and/ or outdoor shooting.. to showcase YOUR awesome bikes!

AI examples.. to be replaced shortly with photos of YOUR bikes

    And Yellowknife... an EXOTIC winter setting is The Detta Ice Highway! I have models in place prepped and ready to shoot FULLY NUDE on the Detta Ice Highway in March of this coming year. No other shoot location is quite like this in THE WORLD. You can pre- book your participation.. on the next page.

    You will, also, get FULL site membership.. at ALL project websites. Why? Because the value of advertising isn’t in the VOLUME of people you reach.. it’s the NEW people who become your audience. Your membership will be “AUTHOR” status meaning you will be able to create and manage your own Directory Listings, Events Listings, and even Photo Galleries… as well as interacting with the general site population.

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