Want to help Ocean Cyclist get out and in to the Public Space? How about Printing (and folding) a monthly (and possibly weekely) Legal Sized document and passing it out for me???

The document will measure 8.5″ by 14″ so you will need Legal Paper.. it’s a bit longer than normal paper and that’s so I can fit More Adverttisers on to each page.

It will be laid out so that *most* printers (full colour) will be able to handle thefile.. that means it’ll have a 1/2″ (.5 inch) border around the doc of nothing.. some printers can handle a 1/4″ margin.. but 1/2 is far more common and easier to dfeal with.

It’ll be a ODF so you won’t need any special software.. Adobe Acrobat Reader is FINE.. or other PDF readers.

Print it Two- Sided and it’s all golden.

Then fold it in half.. and in half once again.

Print a few hundred copies and take them around your town putting them in Cafe’s and bike shops and other places.. preferrably at the till so when people BUY at the shop they see it and pick it up.

Thant’s it.