Photographers Wanted

Wanna shoot Sexy Girls on Killer Bikes for us???

We are actively seeking cool, unique, bikes from Brands, Private Citizens, and where ever we can find them, for pictorials with super sexy female models~ who we are, also, constantly on the look out for. 

We need YOUR skill (and gear) to shoot them!

While we do ask every photographer to volunteer one session per calendar year, this isn’t a volunteer/ no- pay gigvolunteering to shoot isn’t a necessity.. We do ask that you *volunteer* at least one session per calendar year such that your Day Rate payment gets diverted directly to Ocean Cyclist for project growth and development. However- we are artists, ourselves, and fully cognizant of the demands life places upon us so this isn’t a “hard and fast” rule.. more of a request/ suggestion and we won’t hold it up as a deal breaker.. just sharing potentials for full disclosure and awareness... this is paid at an equitable, industry standard Day RateDay Rate is, currently, set at approximately $750 USF with a shoot time allowance of 3 to 4 hours for three “outfits” (PG; PG- 13, Nude) with editing time calculated in inclusive of editing time.

How’d you like to shoot Sexy Girls.. and COOL bikes Here??? Fill out the form and hit SUBMIT for your chance to do exactly that.

P.S.: One lucky sucker will get to fly to an exotic destinationSo, if you are already in Australia.. we won’t send you there.. we’d maybe send you to Cairo.. or Greece.. or some such location) on us… so you can shoot WITH us somewhere out in the wild.. like on a rusted out shipwreck in the Grecian Islands?!?!  Oh- and a cool thing about this is that if you are the one selected, it’ll probably be cheaper for us to pick up the tab on an Around The World ticketAn economy Circular ticket costs about $3K.. and an Out and Back ticket costs.. just about that much. Especially if we are at a hard to reach place. So, rather than doing an Out and Back trip.. you’ll probably get to fly To Where We are.. and then, once over.. go on your own little Around The World journey..  choosing spots to stop at as you deem worthy and/ or probable. Sound like a plan?!?!… so submit away get set to shoot Sexy Girls with KILLER bikes!

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