Show and Shine

Got a bike you think we should feature?

We’re always looking for cool, unique, and exceptional examples of rides.. Show and Shine kinda things. 

We’re not asking you to ship your bike to us.. we’d hate for something to go wrong during transit or while it’s in our hands.. so no matter where you are located, we’ll research and find a cool photographer that wants to shoot Your Bike.. and, obvie.. we”ll~ also~ do some ground work to find sexy Local Model(s) for the pictorial of your bike.

So, if you’ve got a classic refurbished.. ANYTHING.. Raleigh.. Zipp.. Cannondale.. Merinoni.. yeah, anything.. even if it’s not restored.. we would LOVE to shoot it. Just fill out the Application (below) and hit “submit” .. you’ll be given a LIFETIME membership here, on acceptance. So hurry up and SUBMIT your deets so we can start making plans.

P.S.: One lucky sucker will get to fly, with their bike, to an exotic destinationSo, if you are already in Australia.. we won’t send you there.. we’d maybe send you to Cairo.. or Greece.. or some such location) on US… so you can tell us all about your bike In Person.. and you can choose the Model to pose with your Bike.. In Person.. and you’ll be On- Hand for the whole photo shoot.. all of it! Oh- and a cool thing about this is that if you are the one selected, it’ll probably be cheaper for us to pick up the tab on an Around The World ticketAn economy Circular ticket costs about $3K.. and an Out and Back ticket costs.. just about that much. Especially if we are at a hard to reach place. So, rather than doing an Out and Back trip.. you’ll probably get to fly To Where We are.. and then, once over.. go on your own little Around The World journey..  choosing spots to stop at as you deem worthy and/ or probable. Sound like a plan?!?!… so submit away and sign up to the site to the upcoming pictorials of Sexy Girls with KILLER bikes!

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