Wet Pedals Pictorial Sessions

Where in the WORLD would you like to see Your Bikes photographed?

    Want to see your bike(s) shotreferring to Photographed.. not as in “shot” with a gun 😉 just… FYI 😉 on the rusting hull of a shipwreck? How about on an exotic, nearly impossible- to- reach island in the South Pacific (zoom out.. it’s about 20 days sail from the nearest landfall of Hawaii)? And how many people will be signing up to see these pictorials? The shipwreck linked, above, is right on my route.. as is the Corinth Canal.. where Your Bikes could be shot with the steep sand walls emerging out of the asure blue canal itself.

    My pedal powered journey will last two yearsThe route I have selected is approximately 45,000Km from Vancouver… to Vancouver via the Panama Canal. At an estimated 4Kn/ hr (7.5Km/hr), 12 hour pedalling day that equals just under 90Km/D for a total pedalling time frame of 500 days.. add in stop- over time(s) for land based promotional activities such as Pictorial Photo Shoots and you have a nice, even… two year time frame.. and with a two year lead- up to nautical launch that gives *us* four years to play with this websiteI don’t know what I will do with the site after Ocean Cyclist comes to an end.. I’m not thinking that far in the future. All I know is- Two Wheeled, Acoustic vehicles are MY PASSION and I find them ultra sexy.. so, I want to SHOW the world what they are all about... And at 2 Pictorials per Week, that gives us just under 400 “installments” or issues and space for almost 800 unique, super cool BIKES posing with sexy, naked female models.. But- it all starts this January.. with your help, obvie.

Rates, Explained
        • %age directly to Ocean Cyclist
        • Photographers Day Rate
        • Models Day Rate
        • Hair/ MUA Day Rate
        • Stylist & Scriptie/ Continuity
        • Lighting Assistant
        • Sound Recording Assistant
        • Post Production Editing
    Output will consist of differently- rated “sets” for PG output, PG-13 output, and full nude material.. in both Still and Video format with original, internally created soundtrack(s) for audience entertainment.
    You will have access to and permission to use the entire produced content for your own purposes.. once the produced content has been released on the website.**Scroll Down for more info**

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