Welcome to Wet Pedals!!
            The Gentleman’s Cyclery!

The Self with my old Miyata 912 “Funny” bike.; Vancouver, BC… moments before I started work as a bike messenger there.

My name is M. Scott Ault and in a short bit, I’ll be leaving from Vancouver, BC., in a Pedal Powered Boat on an Around The World excursion.. and WetPedals is my ‘membership based funding arm.’ Inside, you’ll find updates on cycling.. pictorials of awesome models with sensational bikes.. and a whole lot more. We’re just getting going now so Membership is a flat $50 For The Duration of My JourneyMy goal is to leave from Vancouver in March of 2024 and I don’t anticipate being back before March of 2026.. thus.. your $50 “sponsorship- Membership” will be good until the end of 2026. And.. we’ll be doing updates En Route.. Pictorials pitting Gorgeous Girls with Killer BIkes in exotic places like Bikini Island.. The Seychelles.. and more!

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Sampled images for inspiration and education.. freakystylie for the contentmonitor.

    I’ve loved cycling since I was a wee lad.. at 5 or 6.. maybe 7.. no, definitely 6 I was tooling around town on my solid rubber tired red cruiser and I couldn’t have been happier than a… well, you get the idea.
    Then.. I got a real “racer” and I was off to.. the countryside. I remember burning that bike out to my summer camp and back.. tooling around the Ottawa Valley on solo rides.. I loved it (and the wind in my hair).
    With WETPEDALS, I am bringing that love of cycling to bear. I feel that cycling~ and bicycles~ are ultra sexy.. and I intend to showcase their beauty much like the motorized “big sisters” that populate magazines and cafe parking lots. To me, tho.. bicycles are way more sexy than those thumping behmoths.. they are quiet.. self- propelled and smell awesome! So, strap on for an incredible ride as I bring to you..

..Cyclistical Sexification!

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We’re just starting off..

More sampledellic images of examplification for the content behind the paywall doorway

We’re just in the pre- launch/ beta phase right now. I’m reaching out to bike shops, photographers, and models around the world for awesome content production.. much like the exampled images you see, at right (which will be replaced in short order with our own/ internally produced material). 

You can sign up Right Now.. memberships are $49 for the lifetime of My Journey (or the end of 2026, which evre comes second). So, sign up now before we switch to the monthly plans.. and be part of the “legacy” population of Cycle- Addicts right here at.. 

Wet Pedals!

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Hello world!

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Get Involved

I am looking for Photographers, Models.. cyclists and people who like to create art..

Examples discovered through inspirational examinations. Soon to be replaced with internally produced content.

Are you an awesome model that loves bicycles? Do you love being naked? Put those two ideas together and Help Me go around the world in a Pedal Powerd Boat. It doesn’t matter where you are from.. the more diverse the better. I’ll reach out to photographers that are local to you.. I’ll reach out to bike shops that are local to you.. I’ll act as distant Director of Photography and you’ll have an awesome time being.. naked for a good cause.

As with models.. it doesn’t matter where you are located. It only matters that you have the will and enthusiasm to shoot Nude Models with AWESOME bicycles. Want to do that? Want to wield your gear and flex your creative muscle(s) for awhile with some awesome bikes and girls? Then reach out.

Applications will be posted online shortly.. until then, use the old school “mail:to” thingy at the bottom of the page 😉