Welcome to Wet Pedals!!
            The Gentleman’s Cyclery!

The Self with my old Miyata 912 “Funny” bike.; Vancouver, BC… moments before I started work as a bike messenger there.

My name is M. Scott Ault and in a short bit, I’ll be leaving from Vancouver, BC., in a Pedal Powered Boat on an Around The World excursion.. and WetPedals is my ‘membership based funding arm.’ Inside, you’ll find updates on cycling.. pictorials of awesome models with sensational bikes.. and a whole lot more. We’re just getting going now so Membership is a flat $50 For The Duration of My JourneyMy goal is to leave from Vancouver in March of 2024 and I don’t anticipate being back before March of 2026.. thus.. your $50 “sponsorship- Membership” will be good until the end of 2026. And.. we’ll be doing updates En Route.. Pictorials pitting Gorgeous Girls with Killer BIkes in exotic places like Bikini Island.. The Seychelles.. and more!

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